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April 7 2008.

A few days ago a young stray was hit by a vehicle and was left lying on the road in agony. A good Samaritan brought the injured dog to the CUPA shelter. The dog has suffered back bone paralysis. Dr. Narsimha Murthy a veterinarian at CUPA got him hitched to a simple trolley fashioned with hangers and tape. Now he moves about confidently and is a sight for sore eyes !! An incredible job done by Dr Narsimha Murthy. The dog now lives at the CUPA shelter. This is yet another story with a happy ending.
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March 18 2008.
"Karnataka Government , has for the first time in India - canceled the Ownership Certificate of a temple due to ill-treatment and brutality to its temple elephant!"

Below written by Suparna Ganguly
CUPA battled to wrest much abused elephant Girija Prasad (alias Manikantan) away from the Aiyappa Swamy Temple in Bangalore. Pressure and litigation stared in 2004 and this went on for years to 2008 - through three Chief Wildlife Wardens and many meetings with various bureaucrats and politicians including then chief Minister Dharam Singh. His case went through many hearings in the Karnataka High Court with CUPA's advocate team - Brindha Nandkumar and Co.

The male 18-year old elephant was confiscated by the Forest Dept., but his legal status was ambiguous. CUPA partly supported him through his 4 years at various Govt. centers, and kept a strong tab on his welfare and other parameters.

In February 2008, a petition was posted by CUPA in the Supreme Court in Delhi, to define what "cruelty" is to elephants, since the High Court in Karnataka rejected the Government's petition to convict the temple authorities on specific cruelty to this elephant. " We watched as the govt.public petitioner (advocate) argued the matter before an indifferent judge….! "

However, the good news is that in a precedent setting move, the Chief Wildlife Warden of Karnataka - Mr. I.B.Srivastava - in an order dated 13.03.08 cancelled the Owner ship Certificate dt. 25.02.02 of this elephant and took over custody of the animal . The State Forest Department (Wildlife) has extended all facilities pertaining and on par with other departmental elephants.He has been observed to be grazing in the forest and having interactions with other elephants at the Shakrebyle Elephant camp, in Shimoga District - 8 hours away from Bangalore.

Karnataka Government , has for the first time in India - canceled the Ownership Certificate of a temple due to ill-treatment and brutality to its temple elephant.

CUPA felt that many years of hard work, research and lobbying was instrumental in this precedent setting move by responsive and sensitized Government officials.

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